While I offer services in Dubai, for the more adventurous among you who wish to enjoy your wedding day in exotic shores, I am also open to destination weddings in Goa, India. Goa is a globally famous destination wedding locale —its pristine beaches, vast array of freshly available sea-food and rich and diverse cultural heritage add much color and scenic beauty to the charm of your wedding day, all of which I will gladly capture for you, leaving you with the fondest of memories that will keep you smiling for a lifetime!

Our Dubai weddings showreel

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Recent weddings in Dubai:

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Weddings in Goa, India:
If you’re looking for a goa wedding photographer or wedding videographer in goa, please contact me for a quote. We can do your wedding as a team of 4 photographers and videographers if required or as independent photographers and videographers. We would be able to capture the best moments in both stills and motion considering we’re goans too.
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– Wedding photographer in goa