dubai wedding videographerWedding photography refers to the professional type of photographic skills and equipment used during a wedding ceremony. This however, is just the shallow meaning of what wedding photography is. This is because over the years, photographers and couples have redefined this art and made it a personal experience for every wedding. If you live around Dubai, it is important that you consult a Dubai wedding photographer as they will take you through the different styles of dubai wedding photography and give you a budget to suit your needs.

Decades ago, dubai wedding photographers were considered technician and the black box they used was almost a mystical device that was handled by a few individuals. Couples would hire dubai wedding photographers that had the whole day booked by other couples and there would only be a few photos taken for the memory of the big day. Today, almost each guest at the wedding will have a digital camera that makes everything easy, but still, there is a great need for a professional Dubai wedding photographer to handle the photography and bring out the brighter side of the wedding; a side that you will want to show your grand children.

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Wedding Photography Styles

The advancements in technology has given rise to a new generation of Dubai wedding photographers as well as a number o great photography equipment that simplifies and fastens the process of dubai wedding photography. Let s look at some of the choices at your disposal when selecting a photography style for your big day:

Traditional wedding photography

dubai wedding photographerAlbeit dubbed traditional, this type of wedding photography simply refers to the classical method of taking photos. A good Dubai wedding photographer will concentrate mostly on those unforgettable moments that include, the exchange of wedding rings, the vows, marriage register signing, the walk down the isle, cake cutting, and family groups.

Over the years, weddings have remained in the category of formal occasions and this is one photography style that has stood the test of time. This style involves carefully planned photographic moments with lights, posing and all. A good Dubai wedding photographer understands this style and will work their magic by quickly organizing people and taking the photos as fast a possible.


Reportage Wedding Photography

This type of photography is also referred to as photojournalistic photography. The Dubai wedding photographer in charge will blend into the background as everything happens and it is quite difficult to notice that photos are being taken. Of all the photography styles, this one is most difficult to perfect. It takes the photographer years of experience to expertly capture the moments. This however should not be confused with a type of traditional wedding photography style where the photographer makes the photos look more of natural than posed.

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Contemporary Wedding Photography

This dubai wedding photography style is more artistic and brings out the personality of the Dubai wedding photographer you have handed the work to. It involves out of the box photo ideas with shots from different camera angles to bring out a different type of image. This style is not all that popular but a dubai wedding photographer with the right skills will give you exquisite photos that will make a wonderful and unique family album.