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Prenup: Loreta and Frode

Despite the heat, the wind was such a blessing during the prenup session with the couple "Frode and Loreta". The bride was very sporty and she really maneuvered her way through rocks, sand and not to mention "cactus" plants. I guess it was all worth it, since the photos came out looking super-gorgeous.

Pre-wedding shoot at Starbucks Dubai: Faith and Reynan

Many of us prefer meeting at cafe's due to the ambience and liveliness thats wrapped around at every cafe joint. Faith and Reynan wanted to capture these cafe moments and so we ended up doing a fun shoot at the Starbucks cafe in Dubai. Besides the cozy atmosphere, the couple did a great job helping us capture those candid moments. [...]

Post wedding shoot: Emeka and Prisca

The weather in Dubai is so unpredictable. Given the foggy conditions on that day, we still decided to do a post-wedding shoot with the newly weds. It was indeed very gloomy that morning but we still aimed at using this in a positive direction. What was initially supposed to be a desert shoot turned into a nice bridal fashion shoot. Thanks to the bridal coupl[...]
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