It takes more than a fancy camera and love for photography to be a freelance photographer Dubai. Yes, I do possess the necessary technical equipment to take professional photographs of almost anything showing the most minute details and exact tones in the actual object or person. And yes, I am very passionate about my profession of a freelance photographer in Dubai but I have more than what it takes to be called a freelance photographer.

Whether it is a corporate event or an annual party, I am most fit for the job because of the impeccable knowledge I possess about photography. Due to my ambitious nature, as a Dubai freelance photographer, I have strived and achieved many of my goals in the field of photography with adequate results and amazing feedback from others. I am also very creative, and aesthetic  creativity in photography is like icing on any cake.  My creativity can make dull things look cheerful and bright and an unpleasant surrounding can be turned into a beautiful piece of art portrayed by my photography.

I am detail oriented, I know how to capture the tiniest detail depicted by an object or a person in my photographs and I am knowledgeable about what is not required in photographs and I can easily take those minute details off. Making you or something around you look stunning and hence, picture perfect!

I possess the acute hand eye coordination which is required while taking photographs. Not to mention, I also possess excellent technical skills which are vital for taking good photographs. I am aware of the photographic effects required while taking photographs suitable for the environment and occasion.

I specialize in taking photographs and videos for corporate events, annual parties, Dubai seminars, launch parties etc. I hold the required qualification and I am knowledgeable about what is illegal. I like to stick to contracts and fulfill them and I am also aware of copyright issues. All photographs taken by me will be handed to my client only and I will keep backups with myself in case the client loses his or her copies. I can assure you that these pictures, images and videos will not be transferred to another company, website or any other source for business purposes. I choose to stay honest and trustworthy with my clients and I will not do anything to harm their privacy.

When it comes to money, it will not be a big issue for you as I am well aware that it is a very difficult and tedious task to find a cheap photographer in Dubai. Regardless of my expertise in photography, I actually work for cheap but I do not work cheap. Unlike other photographers that do not charge much, I will meet my clients requirements and fulfilling each any every requirement will be my utmost priority. I can assure you that you will not regret hiring me for the job as freelance photographer Dubai.