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I’m dubai freelance videographer, video editor, photographer and motion graphics designer. Extensive knowledge of photography and videography in operating cameras for promotional photo shoots, candid event shots, television commercials, and documentaries/independent film projects.

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We love to create corporate, event, promotional and marketing/social media videos as well as music videos. [red_spacer spacer_margin="30"][/red_spacer][red_list_posts post_type="video" taxonomy="video-category" term_name="event-videographerdubai" view_type="red-thumb-view" number_columns="4" number_posts="10" orderby="date" order="DESC" pagination="none" gutter="no-gutter" thumb_title_pos="{{thumb_title_pos}}" massonry="" ] [/red_list_posts]

Dubai Freelance Videographer
(from AED 500)
We specialize in the creation of film, video, web content and creative media services for agencies, brands, artists, individuals, and businesses of all sizes. Whether you want a freelance videographer or dubai videography team, we’ve what it takes. We follow a new school approach to all of the videos we create and are constantly adding to our vast array of professional production gear to make all of our videos stand out.

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As a team of wedding videographers in Dubai, we are inclined with our passion to create fine wedding films and photo-graphs with a creative and unique storytelling manner.[red_spacer spacer_margin="30"][/red_spacer][red_list_posts post_type="video" taxonomy="video-category" term_name="dubai-wedding-videos" view_type="red-thumb-view" number_columns="4" number_posts="20" orderby="date" order="DESC" pagination="none" gutter="no-gutter" thumb_title_pos="{{thumb_title_pos}}" massonry="" ] [/red_list_posts]